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XU lights candles for Maramag bus bombing victims

Dec 19 • 109 Views • No Comments

The Kristohanong Katilingban sa Pagpakabana-Social Involvement Office (KKP-SIO) initiated a prayer rally on December 11 for the victims of the bus bombing in Barangay...


YSEALI holds first University Caravan Mindanao

Youth and student leaders in Northern Mindanao joined the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) University Caravan-Mindanao on...

Dec 19 • 72 Views

Backwash – A documentary on the Sendong Tragedy

December 17, 2014 marks the third year since tropical storm Sendong wreaked havoc in Cagayan de Oro City. TS Sendong (Washi), the first...

Dec 17 • 78 Views

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Understanding Islam: Building bridges instead of barriers

Sep 25 • 382 Views • No Comments

Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion in the world. There are over 1.2 billion Muslims. That is, one out of five people is a Muslim. As Kagay-anons, meeting...


20 days of summer and salary

Dipping in deep, blue seas, walking along a stretch of fine sand, and hopping from one island to another; these and...

Sep 25 • 248 Views


Twice the effort

Education is a right, not a privilege. Throughout the years, the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) has...

Sep 16 • 297 Views

  • a-quest-vs-disparity

    A quest versus disparity

    Jul 31 • 299 Views • No Comments

    In most Philippine movies and primetime soap operas, there’s always this central theme of happiness after sorrow. The same plot pervades: an economically successful person meets an underdog, the underdog is kicked down but in the end, justice prevails. At...



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The image, shattered

Dec 17 • 124 Views • No Comments

Since its establishment three years ago, the Mr. and Ms. Intrams beauty pageant’s status as an actual Intramurals event has remained a topic of much debate. Fans of...


Which team are you really on?

“Fight, fight! Blue and white! Go, go Ateneo! Sisboombah! Xavier Crusaders! Xavier Crusaders!” From the moment we entered XU as...

Dec 17 • 78 Views


Who’s second?

Intramurals’ flips and kicks, jumps and snatches, tosses and smashes are over. Beyond the rankings and scores, we have witnessed the...

Dec 17 • 90 Views

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Crusaders retaliate, rout COC Scorpions to force game 3

Crusaders retaliate, rout COC Scorpions to force game 3

Oct 2 • 355 Views • No Comments

The game is not decided until the final buzzer sounds–a basic lesson in basketball which the XU Crusaders learned at the expense of game 1 of the COSAA finals....

XU Crusaders outshoot STI, 85-75

Finishing with a huge 10-point advantage, the Xavier Crusaders brought home the win after defeating STI College, 85-75,...

Sep 12 • 149 Views

XU Crusaders outrun CU Stallions, 71-67

Leaning on their powerful low-post presence, the XU Crusaders edged out the CU Stallions, 71-67 in a COSAA regular...

Sep 12 • 133 Views