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Sore eyes cases increase in XU

Jan 25 • 408 Views • 1 Comment

For the first half of January, the XU Clinic recorded 48 cases of sore eyes in the University. As of press time, this figure continues to increase every day. On December...


Japhete Galope, 41

Japhete V. Galope, laboratory technician of the XU Development Communication (DevComm) Department, passed away on January 15 at 2 a.m. due...

Jan 22 • 653 Views

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XU students join CdeO budget slash rally

The Oro Youth Development Council (OYDC) spearheaded a prayer and advocacy rally against the 2015 budget slash of Cagayan de Oro City, on...

Jan 15 • 225 Views

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Going beyond the gates

Jan 15 • 114 Views • No Comments

Dressed in clean yet simple clothes, a child struggles silently through the dark halls. With his hands stinging from the saltiness of his own sweat, legs struggling to...


Vox Internationalis

As of the second semester of AY 2014-2015, 71 non-Filipino students are enrolled in XU. Some of them have been in the...

Jan 15 • 103 Views


Innovations on instruction: A look on the XU eLearn system

Innovation comes in various ways. It doesn’t, however, come on a silver platter. It starts off small, taking on...

Jan 10 • 103 Views

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    Triumph of evil?

    Jan 23 • 82 Views • No Comments

    Recent local headlines have been filled with desolation and despair. News of violence such as bombings, shootings, and robberies has been increasingly notorious. The latest, a bus bombing in front of Central Mindanao University which claimed the lives of the...

  • tregergergr

    Always Looking

    Jan 22 • 123 Views • No Comments

    Humans have a tendency to obsess over their public image, to the point of pretense and engaging in unhealthy behaviors. Some may try to build a commendable social media image by posting unrealistic pictures of themselves, while others may try to climb the...

  • a-quest-vs-disparity

    A quest versus disparity

    Jul 31 • 363 Views • No Comments

    In most Philippine movies and primetime soap operas, there’s always this central theme of happiness after sorrow. The same plot pervades: an economically successful person meets an underdog, the underdog is kicked down but in the end, justice prevails. At...



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Rainbow-colored glasses

Jan 24 • 85 Views • No Comments

They say that same-sex relationships and transgender identities go against their culture, religious beliefs or traditional values. My answer is that human rights are...


Of church and contraception

I am a devout Roman Catholic. I love hearing news about the Pope, a miracle, or any event that deepens and strengthens my faith. I love...

Jan 24 • 66 Views


I’m (Not) Yours

By now, it’s almost too easy to witness overly sexual music videos and magazine covers that showcase the bodily assets of reality stars....

Jan 24 • 140 Views

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Crusaders retaliate, rout COC Scorpions to force game 3

Crusaders retaliate, rout COC Scorpions to force game 3

Oct 2 • 432 Views • No Comments

The game is not decided until the final buzzer sounds–a basic lesson in basketball which the XU Crusaders learned at the expense of game 1 of the COSAA finals....

XU Crusaders outshoot STI, 85-75

Finishing with a huge 10-point advantage, the Xavier Crusaders brought home the win after defeating STI College, 85-75,...

Sep 12 • 189 Views

XU Crusaders outrun CU Stallions, 71-67

Leaning on their powerful low-post presence, the XU Crusaders edged out the CU Stallions, 71-67 in a COSAA regular...

Sep 12 • 1250 Views