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XU graduate places 7th in Agriculturist Licensure Exam

Jul 1 • 284 Views • No Comments

Agribusiness graduate, Jay Vencint B. Zulita, landed 7th out of the 1,888 who passed in this year’s Agriculturist Licensure Examination, garnering a score of 84.83...


Red Mass calls for greener-living, spiritual guidance

University President Fr. Roberto C. Yap, SJ, echoed Pope Francis’s call for a more environmentally-conscious and spiritually-guided world...

Jun 26 • 131 Views


TXS’s ‘Isa Pang / Mga Kuneho’ tackles social issues

Sporting new set designs and heavy social themes, The Xavier Stage (TXS) kicked off this year’s season with ‘Isa Pang / Mga Kuneho’...

Jun 26 • 94 Views

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AA, GABAY, USAD-XU vie in ’15 campus elections

Feb 25 • 956 Views • No Comments

The XU community witnessed a more competitive atmosphere in this year’s campus elections, as two newly established political parties contend against 28-year-old party,...


Edison Lacea: USAD-XU Vice President

At 18, Edison Lacea is an accountancy student, the incumbent 2nd year representative of the School of Business and...

Feb 24 • 335 Views


Karl Owen Sayson: USAD-XU President

Karl Owen Sayson’s passion for leadership is ten times the size of his body. Sayson, a junior marketing management...

Feb 24 • 380 Views

  • Xtian Editorial SuperMag

    Triumph of evil?

    Jan 23 • 272 Views • No Comments

    Recent local headlines have been filled with desolation and despair. News of violence such as bombings, shootings, and robberies has been increasingly notorious. The latest, a bus bombing in front of Central Mindanao University which claimed the lives of the...

  • tregergergr

    Always Looking

    Jan 22 • 282 Views • No Comments

    Humans have a tendency to obsess over their public image, to the point of pretense and engaging in unhealthy behaviors. Some may try to build a commendable social media image by posting unrealistic pictures of themselves, while others may try to climb the...

  • a-quest-vs-disparity

    A quest versus disparity

    Jul 31 • 517 Views • No Comments

    In most Philippine movies and primetime soap operas, there’s always this central theme of happiness after sorrow. The same plot pervades: an economically successful person meets an underdog, the underdog is kicked down but in the end, justice prevails. At...



Opinion Opinion


Rainbow-colored glasses

Jan 24 • 274 Views • No Comments

They say that same-sex relationships and transgender identities go against their culture, religious beliefs or traditional values. My answer is that human rights are...


Of church and contraception

I am a devout Roman Catholic. I love hearing news about the Pope, a miracle, or any event that deepens and strengthens my faith. I love...

Jan 24 • 241 Views


I’m (Not) Yours

By now, it’s almost too easy to witness overly sexual music videos and magazine covers that showcase the bodily assets of reality stars....

Jan 24 • 380 Views

Sports Sports

Crusaders retaliate, rout COC Scorpions to force game 3

Crusaders retaliate, rout COC Scorpions to force game 3

Oct 2 • 612 Views • No Comments

The game is not decided until the final buzzer sounds–a basic lesson in basketball which the XU Crusaders learned at the expense of game 1 of the COSAA finals....

XU Crusaders outshoot STI, 85-75

Finishing with a huge 10-point advantage, the Xavier Crusaders brought home the win after defeating STI College, 85-75,...

Sep 12 • 335 Views

XU Crusaders outrun CU Stallions, 71-67

Leaning on their powerful low-post presence, the XU Crusaders edged out the CU Stallions, 71-67 in a COSAA regular...

Sep 12 • 1965 Views